Queen Waist Bands

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Wrap,shape,and trim the fat out, beauties! Here’s your chance to reduce,shape, and slim your stomach fat! With this wrap-around stomach waist band/trainer. It’s a polyester waist belt that fits any, and ALL size. One size fits all! 

  • PREMIUM QUALITY MATERIAL - Queen Waist Band is comfortable, breathable, and elastic material! Has a strong wrapping property, and can firmly flatten the abdomen, and smooth out backrolls. 
  • VERSATILE - Adjust your Queen Waist Band as tight as you’d like/your comfort level! It helps flatten your abdomen, reduce waistline, support your back, improve posture, and also helps with postpartum recovery.
  • ADJUSTABLE QUEEN WAIST WRAP - One size fits ALL! Our wrap allows you to snatch your waist according to your comfort level! Can be worn under your shirt, dress, and any clothing for a hour glass shape! It's seamless and very comfortable.
  • STRETCHY - Made of spandex and polyester, it is comfortable, adjustable and breathable, this waist training belt is not only a good equipment to maintain your figure but also supports your waist and helps you to lose inches.

Provides additional support, thicker material, and superior stitching for better experience, and comfort during your workouts, or everyday routine.


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